The Pyramid Challenge

To symbolize the structures in ancient Egypt, each team needs to build a pyramid out of materials provided. It builds trust and team-work And who doesn’t like the fun of a pyramid after all?



Collaboration & Visualization, Competitive Spirit Development



Little drops make the mighty ocean and you are one those drops. This activity symbolizes how important each drop in the ocean is after all. Bigger teams are split to come up with smaller pyramid structures that are later combined to make the single big 3D one! But alas, as the builders of the yore would tell you, it is not that simple. Each piece constructed needs to interlock with the others to form the final mighty structure.

Here we have different teams building pyramids of different styles and shapes, struggling to get attuned to each other and yet focussed towards that common goal. Sounds familiar? Of course, this is you every day at work. Each team with a different objective but looking to coalesce at one point



Pyramid activity is an unique way of building team spirit while maintaining healthy competition. You need to think ahead at every step, calculating if your vision is in line with the company’s vision