Toy Story


CSR, Teamwork, Innovation, Collaboration, Empathy building


Activity in a capsule

If there is one thing that reinstates our faith in the world, it is definitely to see a child smile. And what makes a child happier than to see a toy! Allow us to give you a platform to bring those smiles. This activity lets you escape from your everyday routine to a land of colourful toys and be a Genie to these kids. At this point, you have material like dismantled toys, colourful paper, pens, lego pieces and lots other items available to build toys of your choice for the children of varied age groups.

In order to build a masterpiece toy – be it a wall clock, horse-rider, pen-stand or even paper-based toys – you’re back to getting creative and crafty to give it a shot. Your individual creativity and innovation are tested while working as a team member to create an appealing, utility-friendly, educational toys waiting to be given to the orphange. And then without warning, those children are brought into the conference room as a surprise! Your toys are suddenly transformed into a little kid’s paradise – feels amazing, isn’t it? Those faces smeared with tears of joy are a testament that it does. And you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment and empathy to bring those smiles to their little faces.



This engaging, team-bonding activity comes to a close when you and your team present your toy to the children with pride and also teach them how to use it. There is a lot of creativity involved while making you a proud contributor.