Bridging The Divide

Make a human bridge and an external force tries to break it. Sounds familiar? We all face hurdles while at work, this activity is to signify the unity and trust required for bridging the gaps and holding the bridges together



Problem Solving, Collaboration, Communication


Activity in a capsule

Think of the Golden Gate. It took teams and visions for a project that size to come together. So how about we make our miniature own? We divide you all into teams that have to make their own bridges with limited resources, communication barriers and strict timelines. It is chaos! Each team is a supplier and a customer. The individual bridges need to come together in the end and must be strong enough to have a large remote controlled vehicle cross by without any casualties.

Can you imagine the stress when the vehicle starts moving? Each bridge connects to another and it becomes a surreal experience. The joy is contagious. The teams despite the time constraints first work at their level and then to ensure that the structure finally comes together as one.



Apart from the apparent team-spirit building, what this activity does is to make you realize the importance of communication between various teams. By the end of this activity, it is evident that cross-functional collaboration can shorten your distance to the goal.