The Amazing Race

The beloved treasure hunt! Brings that excitement to fore, looking for clues and cracking one! Goofing up and yet keeping the competition alive! It is about the journey, not the end though.



High energy, Creativity, Speed and Agility, Time management



Who doesn’t love treasure hunts? This crazy fun game has been inspired by its namesake and promises every bit of fun the original was but with a twist. Goofy tasks, absurd clues and tons of laughter. As you all compete with each other, the vibrancy in the atmosphere is amazing. The entire race is full of exciting small jobs, mystery, code-cracking and an extreme adrenaline rush!

We have done this within the offsite venue or around the city. If you ask us, the latter is more fun with various means of transport involved. The pit-stops get tricky and the build-up to the win is intense. Having said that, this activity is customizable and can be designed in any way perceived.



The key takeaways from the amazing race are agility, competitive spirit and loads of fun. In a way reminds you of the fact that sometimes business requires quick thinking, flexibility and speed to market.