Food Stock Exchange

The Gordon Ramsey effect! A cooking competition that requires the teams to negotiate and trade for their ingredients to create an ultimate 3-course-meal for the judges. All in all, a fun and engaging activity!



Managing your team, negotiation skills, creativity, presentation, ownership and responsibility, Fun and energy


Activity in a capsule

Don’t worry, there is no Gordon Ramsey judging you in this one! But it ain’t that easy either. It is a cooking competition wherein each team must work together and present a 3-course meal to the jury but there is no unlimited pantry you can raid! Ingredients are limited and need to be negotiated, bartered and earned. That is what makes this challenge so much fun.

And of course, there is limited time to finish the courses. There is manoeuvring, running around, deep negotiations and lots of aroma and cooking. There are teams that are not willing to barter and then there are teams that do not know where to start. There is a lot of yelling, selling and well, a lot of good food. Invite the other employees as GUESTS to buy your food with virtual money and have the teams that make the most money with the best quality, hygiene and skill win!



Being a chef requires a lot of skill, team-building and leadership skills along with working with limited ingredients and still produce an awesome output within a limited time frame. This activity does all of this and leaves you with that glow of having accomplished starting your very first food truck!