5 Ways to Build a Mindset of Ownership in your Teams

Many employees often like to have the power of controlling the situation and responsibility for decision making. However, there are others who are reluctant to take charge. Either they are afraid of dealing with the unforeseen circumstances or lack the essential qualities. De facto, the ownership is an art to learn through practice and a correct strategy. Nowadays, personal accountability is promoted as a professional culture as it offers freedom to the employees to analyze the situation and take decisions at the right point of time. The key is to inspire your workforce to take charge of the things they are expert at.

Well, it’s not a rocket since! Have a look at a few tips you may find handy:

  • Delegate work- Appropriate delegation of work is the first and foremost step you should take. Check who is capable of which type of work. See if someone makes a special interest in doing a particular task. When work is bifurcated in this way, employees take pride in owning the assigned work. That’s the easiest way you can motivate employees to perform at their best by inculcating the attitude of ownership.
  • Let your employees ‘’run with it’’- When someone brings a unique idea on the table, let him or her play a key role in a particular project. Leaders can’t be developed through executing the work. Rather, let them utilize their skills to the fullest through which they can guide and navigate their teammates. The best method to make employees learn on their own is trial and error.
  • Positive work environment- A biased-free and interactive work environment is ideal to grow by leaps and bounds! Healthy competition is always good through which everyone can learn a lot. Inducing a perspective of collaboration and cooperation helps a potential leader to create a rapport with the entire team. An interactive workforce often brainstorms out of the box ways to provide best in class services to the clients.
  • Be high on expectations- When you can indeed appreciate your employees for even small achievements, make sure you expect even better than that. If someone is not able to perform up to the mark, simply chose one member from the team who is performing at his best. Ask him/her to help a colleague and resolve the difficulty. Remember, a small help too can set an example for the others to proactively be in-charge during certain circumstances. If you want some improvement from your peers, arrange an informal talk in which you can share your viewpoints with them. This session should be free from evaluation or criticism, and the focus must be on inspirational communication.
  • Rewards and recognition- Arrange internal contests or campaigns promoting leadership skills among the employees. When you set a specific goal of achieving award or incentives, they

consistently work better. It’s not just about the monetary benefits or winning an award, but it makes employees more responsible and dedicated to the work. People pull their socks up when they recognize that the company is appreciating the employees who are striving to achieve its business goals.

The most significant thing is to align your employees with the vision and mission of the company without burdening them. Make them feel that it’s their effort and talent that is going to help the organization performing better. Let them explore their contribution to every single achievement of it. It is an apparent human tendency that when people are emotionally attached to something, they put their best efforts to retain and nurture it. It’s said that a true leader is one who teaches his followers to lead themselves to create future leaders.


What is an HR buzzword?

A buzzword is nothing but a word or phrase, often a jargon, that is fashionable in a given context. Here, in the context of Human Resources, employee engagement has become a buzzword and much more – it is imperative and critical for any organization succeed and grow.

According to Gallup, 87% of employees worldwide aren’t engaged at work. That’s a scary statistic, if you ask us! Your employees are your asset and they’re the ones who help you outperform your competitors. Just like Doug Conant said, “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” Moreover, studies have shown that an engaged workforce can beat the disengaged employees by 200% better results. An engaged workplace leads to better workplace performance, enhanced levels of innovation, lower attrition rate and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.

What drives an engaged workforce?

If reading the stats given above got you thinking, “Do my employees look forward to coming to work every day?”, then this one’s for you. The solution lies in creating a work environment which suits their needs and fulfils their desires with employee engagement initiatives. We break down the buzzword with some tips to engage your workplace. For more ideas, read our bloghere.

  • Emotional Connect & Open Work Culture

If an employee is emotionally connected in a positive way to the company that he/she is working for, then they are likely to stay with the company for longer, perform better, show higher results as motivated owners and leaders of the tasks assigned. The well-being of employees and openness of a work environment are vital factors in

  • Mentoring the Millennials

The millennial is your ideal customer AND employee – They’re hungry for everything and anything new, trendy, digital. Corporates can leverage this to give them a learning platform and associate with them on a more personal level through mentoring programs within work hours. Millennial employees perform well in the workplace if they are guided, assisted and encouraged to achieve their personal as well as professional goals.

  • Teams at Work

Engaged employees are the glue that hold together the employee’s goals and the strategic objectives of the business. This means the organisation’s goals are well-aligned with the employee’s goals and there should be a constant flow of information on how this alignment helps the company grow while at the same time motivating and integrating them. Teamwork and team bonding are the biggest contributors to the overall success of your organization’s engagement level.

  • Digital opportunities

It’s time to integrate technology into employee engagement to keep up with today’s briskly-changing digital workplace. For example, in hiring processes or monitoring performance and assessment to ensure accurate and consistent decision making. Similarly, onboarding experiences and feedback mechanisms have evolved with the use of chatbots, HR analytics, digital training and effective engagement of an employee with his/her work environment are the areas where technology and digital are increasingly becoming part of overall HR ecosystem. The insights and analytics from these tools help identify the hidden pockets of disengagement to be filled in order to engage the workforce better.

  • Reshaping Pan-India Communication

The employee engagement in the digital era is improving the experience brings employees placed all around the country or world, fostering their spirit of working in a team – for example, the Diwali themed Card-a-thon (format of the popular game UNO) where teams of 2,3 and 4 compete to win the game. Another good example of a digital platform where teams come together is the clever introduction of a radio channel which brings in the enthusiasm and energy into the work environment. Gamification and virtual team bonding activities help in building the trust and bonds among professional across ages and levels, to feel more connected and create a sense of togetherness.



Celebrate Diwali with an on-the-floor activity across 16 locations and an online game that connects pan-India employees together

Proposal & strategy:

A Diwali-themed Amazing race conducted across all bays/wings on each floor and an online game themed to Ayodhya (history of Diwali)

What we did & the outcome:

The Amazing Race conducted pan-India was themed to Diwali with clues, tasks and activities involving Diyas, lights, selfies and more. Employees were seen decoding clues and running across the floors to celebrate with enthusiasm and win the race!

The online Ayodhaya activity was a 5 step challenge based on mythology but in a fun engaging gaming format. The objective was to gather all weapons and bring Sita back to Ayodhya to celebrate Diwali![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



To celebrate the 11-year-anniversary in a unique way and engage employees with their families across 10 locations.

Proposal & strategy:

We planned games and engagements themed to ‘11’ to reinforce the journey across offices in Mumbai, Noida, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru on the same day. It was also important to educate the families about the company and milestones.

What we did & the outcome:

Amongst the games executed at the offices, the biggest success was the collaborative activity of a large size JIGSAW puzzle where all employees and family members were divided into teams and assemble the pieces to reveal a message. Employees and their families were also engaged in anchor games, talent show, music and dance with exciting prizes!

Liberty General Insurance Ltd.


To celebrate CUSTOMER SERVICE WEEK by building awareness and driving customer-centricity values (simple, expertise, convenience, empathy, respect, proactive)


Proposal & strategy:

To engage the employees on the final day of customer service week through a Carnival-style event with fun activities that drive the message without being preachy.


What we did & the outcome:

We customized the solution to their needs by planning DISRUPTIONS. Each stall had games themed to 2 of the 6 values. When employees visited the stalls, they would engage in each of the 3 games, the result of which would drive the message of being customer-centric metaphorically.


For eg. The below values of Respect and Proactive were gamified as below:

  1.  RESPECT: I Respect the commitment made to the Customer
  2. PROACTIVE: Am I being Proactive to Customer needs when designing my Product / Process / Technology?


This stall has 2 caricature artists, which is usually a big attraction. Sample caricatures were displayed. Employees were asked to share their photos with the caricature artists and to come back within 30mins to collect their caricature. However, the commitment was not met on time, they were asked to keep coming back and the design created did not meet their expectations. When they complained, a card was handed out  –

If you expect RESPECT as a customer, you must RESPECT your commitments to your customers too. Be proactive in understanding your customer needs while designing your product

Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.


ABFL was facing a plateaued response to its e-learning courses from the employees and needed to do something drastic to spike the interest levels. The target was to get every employee to participate in a minimum of 3 e-learning courses per month.

Proposal and Strategy:

To our delight, the senior management was very enthusiastic about going all-out and creating a buzz that the employees will never forget. Such clients always bring out the best in us! It was the FIFA season and what better way than to catch on to the fever and create an engagement activity around it?

Execution and Outcomes:

We created an online FIFA game with different football teams. Each team had a senior management member as its captain which encouraged the rest 3000 employees to join in. And boy, did we have fun! The excitement was extremely palpable. We called it e-FIFA. It gave an opportunity to play an online football game that actually sparked the employees’ interests in the game.

Each stage had a fun online football game followed by an e-learning course, which on completion would give them the scores. On the basis of their scores, they would move onto Stage 2. And so on. There was a healthy competitive spirit intertwined with extreme excitement around the game. It was the talk of the office! The activity was panned out over 3 weeks and e-FIFA was a hit! We saw 2000+ logins to the e-learning portal and every single employee completed the 3 e-learning courses they were supposed to, in just 3 weeks.

We, at ExtraMile, thrive for such experiences where we match the vision of our partners and create something this fun and exciting!

Make My Trip (MMT)


Make my Trip, following the merger with Goibibo, needed to launch the GO-MMT set of values. The requirement here was to create awareness and visibility amongst the employees with respect to these values. Also, to inspire them enough to adhere and apply these values in their day-to-day work-life.

Proposal and Strategy-

ExtraMile always believes in working alongside the partner. We had a thorough round of download to understand the comfort levels and inclination of the management towards the types of activities that could be deployed. Post which, the customized strategy conceived was launching a fun-week of online and offline engagements with the employees. The objective was to create a buzz, spike interest levels and generate cognizance via carefully designed experiential games for LIVING THE VALUES.

Execution and Outcomes-

We divided the activities into digital engagements and offline floor-based. The former went on to break the ice and the latter successfully created a recall in employees’ minds.

Starting out with digital, we designed and executed online value-based games like KBC, Treasure Hunt, Crosswords, Puzzles etc. The idea here was to make the employees learn about the values in a way that doesn’t feel tedious and through a mode that is closest to them-Digital. The biggest hit was the game “What would you do?” which involved us providing a scenario to an employee and garner his response to check if it aligns with the MMT values.

This was followed up by anchor engagements with Minute to win it games based on values on the office floor which is an adrenaline rush that never fails! Also, we did a live disruption on Customer Centricity across Delhi and Bangalore locations.

Overall, the GO-MMT values were deeply ingrained in the employees’ minds by the time we got done.

Industrial Innovation and Design Exhibitions of 2017

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