Building a Township

Each team is given a section of a model city to build. Bringing your hidden architect to fore, it is then evaluated basis the design, risk management etc



Collaboration & Visualization, Communication & Teamwork


Activity in a capsule

Can you build the next Lavassa city or Aamby Valley? The aim of this activity is for you to construct a giant model city that not only relies on creativity but also strong planning and discipline. Let’s do a role reversal, shall we? Managers play the architects and Leaders play the builders.

You are given sections of a model city to build, one each of 4 zones – industrial, residential, leisure and business. Plan and strategize to develop a protoype for the city ensuring there is uniformity of design across zones, roads, rivers etc. You are evaluated basis your cross-team collaboration.



Brings your hidden architect to fore. Have you ever cursed the city planners? it is pay-back time! Requires a lot of innovation and at the same time requires working very closely with other teams to ensure the town comes up as a single independent working unit.